I started on the ice, performing technical feats coupled with intricate choreography while trying for seamless grace. Combined, it all told a story.  A story I was trying to convey to the audience through movements and music. Visual storytelling was my aim in figure skating and it’s what continues to excite me, as I write, think, and make films—trying to show something new, different about world.

In the Gallatin School of Individualized Study at New York University, I concentrated on how media and film motivate change in society. This academic concentration, alongside with my education in documentary and narrative film production at the Tisch School of the Arts, taught me to write, direct, edit and produce film as a medium of storytelling. 

Focused on documentary filmmaking, I began my professional career working in the MSNBC Longform Documentary unit upon graduation from NYU. At MSNBC, I developed ideas for documentary series and specials, and worked as an associate producer on in-house documentaries, including "You Vote, They Decide: The Secret Campaigns for President", "Citizen Trump", and "Hillary Clinton: A Country Chooses". I also created a number of digital videos for msnbc.com. One of these is a short documentary profiling Stanley Richards, a former inmate who has now devoted his life to helping others re-enter society. After MSNBC, I began work in my current position working with Kunhardt Films on an HBO Documentary Film.

Independently, I produce, direct, film and edit my own short documentaries. Through grants awarded from NYU and funding from MIT, in 2016 I completed a documentary in China, called Citify, which explores the impact of rapid urbanization in the country. As a child, I spent my summers in China, seeing the country change The film premiered in June 2016 in Beijing at the Beijing Planning Exhibition Hall and in Shanghai at the World Forum on Urban Regeneration. For the film I was awarded Best Female Filmmaker in the 2016 Hollywood International Documentary Film Festival, where Citify was exhibited.

The world is a mysterious, idiosyncratic, ever-changing climate of people, places and stories. I work to show the unearthed stories and to create something impactful, something beautiful—something that will effect change.